In His Own Words: Colin Rinne

Hey guys, this is Colin RInne. I am a junior at Westfield High School right now. Little bit about me: I love running, but soccer is my second love. I actually played both sports for the school during the fall of my freshman year; I like track, but cross is easily my favorite. I like to think I’m good with the ladies, but I’m not really at all/ I get super lucky; and I ramble on and on so look forward to an interesting blog each week. At least I’ll try to get a blog out each week, life happens sometimes.
Right now it’s 7:40 on a Monday night, I’m busy writing this lovely introduction as well as being distracted every minute or two by Twitter (by the way, my Twitter is @CRinne01 if you guys are interested). I like to think I’m good with Twitter, just like girls, but I doubt that’s true either. My personal PR’s aren't that great all around really.  I have yet to perform on the track as well I can on a course so don't make fun of me. I have an extremely low self esteem. That's a joke. I’m super sarcastic. I’ll list those PRs at the bottom, thats easiest.
This season has been going extraordinarily well for me as well as my team. Westfield has gone from preseason 12th to 4th in the state, although right now we are 5th. This past weekend Westfield ran at the prestigious Flashrock Invite, which is actually named after the Franklin Central Flashes and the Westfield Shamrocks after our schools combined invites a couple years back. The competition there is incredible, boasting some of the finest teams in Indiana and in my opinion, rivaling Culver as the fastest meet of the year team wise. Anyway, I went into it with my team, and specifically Kyle Duvall, wanting to perform very well. Kyle and I had our minds set to go fifth and sixth, possibly even third and fourth. While kyle unfortunately just had an off day, I did pretty well. I ran a personal best of 15:33 and got fourth behind Troy Reeder, Jackson Bertoli (what up junior class) and Jonathan Harper. I am super happy with the day,.

I then travelled up to Greentown Indiana, the most up and coming, bustling farm town community in the midwest, home to the Eastern Comets. This school of under 600 (I think)  currently has one of the top ranked girls teams in the state. Another fun fact, Kyle’s girlfriend, as well as mine, live there! Bethany Neeley is dating Kyle. Her twin sister Brittany is talking to Jackson Bertoli, and I am dating Avery Ewing. After a rousing time up there I came home and collapsed on my bed.
Next week is Culver, and I don’t want to jinx anything but i’ve typically performed very well there.
Shoutouts: Alex Schulke, you got first dibs on it. Chanli Mundy has given me shout outs in the past soshe deserves one for sure, and my “crew” in Westfield deserves some, Nathan Adams Eric Gonzalez Kyle Duvall, Caleb Grimes, Dan Day, Ethan Worthington, and Matt Shaub. I guess thats it for now. Tweet at me or comment on this if you have questions.
WAIT! Bobby Browning and I are setting up a charity 5k at Northview, December 22nd. Mark the date and make sure you can go. Cool runners from around the state are going, and some not cool ones too, so make sure you can come! There will most likely be a small admission fee, as it is a charity event. The charity is still undecided.

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